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Romina Quirós
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Romina Quirós
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Buenos Aires | Argentina
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Bio |

Romina born in BA, Argentina, She’s studied advertisement, graphic design and photography. In 2007 she interested in illustration. She participated in several workshops about illustration. Romina continues searching materials and mediums to develop her work. Also she has lived and worked in Italy. Currently based in Italy.

Romina works it - Collage, Pencils, acrylics, rubberstamps, mixed media, recycling papers.

Education |

Advertisement and Graphic Design at Universidad de Belgrano, Buenos Aires, Argentina. [1996-2000]

Photography |

Motivarte, School of Photography, Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Foto Club Buenos Aires. Buenos Aires, Argentina [2003]

Workshops |

Hermenegildo Sabát, Escuela de Artes Visuales. [2006]
Maria Paula Dufour, Children’s Illustration [2007]
Mirella Musri, Illustration [March, 2008]
Isol, about "illustrator as author". Escuela de ilustración e historieta Sotano Blanco [June, 2008]

Member of Foro Argentino de Ilustradores since 2007.

Exhibitions |

2010 Sous la couverture/42 in Buenos Aires
2009 CJ Festival Picture Book at Korea Foundation Cultural Center [Korea]
2009 Group exhibition at Bogotá Book Fair [Colombia]
2009 Group exhibition at Lea Festival {1st Iberoamerican Festival of Literature}[Athens, Greece]
2008 [De la tierra al cielo] exhibition by Foro Argentino de Ilustradores at Children’s Book Fair. [Buenos Aires, Argentina]
2008 Feria de los niños 2008, organized by Revista Planetario and Foro Argentino de ilustradores. [Buenos Aires - Argentina]

Contest |

2009 - 2010 Romina was selected as finalist at CJ 2DN Festival Picture Book [Korea] with Superhero’s handbook series (unpublished book).

2009 Cangrejos was selected as finalist at LEA Festival {1st Iberoamerican Festival of Literature} [Colombia - Greece]

Books |

Currently working in a book written and illustrated by her.

Hola | Written by Sandra Siemens | Illustrated by Romina Quirós | to be published

Borug [un monstruo común y corriente]
Author [Sandra Siemens]
Illustrator [Romina Quirós]
Ed. Atlantida.

Les funambules
Gulf Stream Editeurs (France)

Designed brands, shoes, postcards, pottery, buttons, puppets, books, posters, jewelry.

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